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Trifler Legal Terms Policy

1. Introduction

Welcome to Trifler, an online dine-out application that fosters meaningful connections and, where mutually desired, facilitates in-person meetings. This document, the legal terms policy ("Agreement"), provides the foundational framework for your interaction with our platform. It is incumbent upon each user to diligently review and accept the terms outlined herein before embarking on their journey within Trifler. By doing so, users manifest their unreserved commitment to upholding these conditions.

2. Acceptance of Terms

The utilization of Trifler rests upon the unequivocal acceptance and adherence to the provisions contained within this Agreement. Users who dissent from any aspect of these terms should abstain from engaging with the application.

3. User Eligibility

Trifler is exclusive to individuals aged 18 years and older. Usage of the app necessitates the affirmative affirmation of compliance with this age requirement.

4. User Registration and Accounts

During the registration process and creation of profiles on Trifler, users are obligated to provide information that is accurate and comprehensive. Additionally, safeguarding account credentials and promptly notifying Trifler of unauthorized access are incumbent user responsibilities.

5. User Responsibilities

The onus is on each user to uphold decorum and propriety throughout all interactions within the Trifler ecosystem. Actions that contravene these principles, such as harassment, hate speech, fraudulent activities, or misconduct, are explicitly prohibited.

6. Privacy Policy

Trifler maintains a robust Privacy Policy that meticulously delineates the procedures concerning data collection, storage, and utilization. By engaging with Trifler, users signify their assent to the provisions articulated in the Privacy Policy.

7. Safety Measures

Trifler places paramount emphasis on user safety, with the implementation of security features and the provision of safety tips for both online and offline interactions. However, it is imperative to underscore that the primary custodian of personal safety is the user. This holds true for both online engagements and in-person meetings. Users are strongly encouraged to select public venues for meetings and to apprise trusted contacts of their arrangements.

8. Communication and Content

Users are enjoined to conform to the communication and content guidelines prescribed by Trifler. They bear sole responsibility for the content they generate. In cases of copyright violations or concerns related to inappropriate content, users should promptly report these issues through the designated mechanisms.

9. Offline Meeting Guidelines

To ensure the utmost safety and security during in-person encounters facilitated through our application, Trifler proffers comprehensive guidelines. These guidelines encompass advice on the organization of secure meetings and the adoption of precautionary measures.

10. Dispute Resolution

Trifler is committed to effecting the expeditious and equitable resolution of disputes. Users encountering disputes should refer to the procedural protocols detailed in this Agreement, which include provisions for potential arbitration.

11. Termination

Trifler retains the authority to terminate or suspend user accounts in instances where the terms and conditions of this Agreement are violated. This measure may include the permanent expulsion of the offending user from the Trifler platform.

12. Limitation of Liability

Users should be cognizant of the fact that Trifler disclaims all liability with regard to user actions, whether conducted online or during offline meetings. Users bear sole responsibility for their conduct.

13. Updates and Modifications

Trifler reserves the right to modify the Trifler application and the terms stipulated in this Agreement. Users will be duly informed of such alterations, and continued usage of the app implies the user's consent to these changes.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement is subject to the governing laws of India. Legal disputes arising from this Agreement fall within the purview of Indian jurisdiction. It is pertinent to note that the specific jurisdiction for any legal dispute within India will be Delhi.

15. Contact Information

For inquiries, concerns, or clarifications, users are encouraged to make contact with the support or legal team using the provided contact details.

16. Accessibility and Translation

To promote user accessibility, Trifler commits to providing translations of this document in languages commonly spoken in India. This policy is easily accessible within the app, and users have the option to review it before using Trifler.

17. Periodic Review

Trifler acknowledges the dynamic nature of legal and user requirements. As such, this Agreement shall undergo periodic reviews to ensure that it remains in compliance with evolving Indian laws and regulations.

18. Miscellaneous

This Agreement encapsulates the totality of the understanding between users and Trifler. Additional clauses, such as force majeure, integration, or severability, may be included as required.